Monday, February 25, 2008

60 Minutes Blacks Out Part of Its Story

Interesting. Part of 60 Minutes' broadcast was blacked out in a couple areas of Alabama last Sunday night. But only the parts dealing with the story about Don Siegelman were affected. Don Seigelman, as you may not know, is the former governor of Alabama who was imprisoned for bribery and conspiracy. There are allegations of vote count changing during his failed bid to retain the governorship in 2006 as well as allegations that Karl Rove (you know, Turd Blossom) was at the heart of the vote count change that may or may have not occured at a very late hour of that voting night and at the heart of the campaign by the Justice Department to convict Siegelman of whatever it could (at the very least, to tarnish his name enough so that his bid to get back into the Alabama State House would fail).
A Republican operative/lawyer involved in some of Rove's crimes (I mean shenanigans) even came forward to present evidence to Congress about the attacks made on Siegelman. Subsequently, her house burned down in a fire and she was run off the road by an unknown driver (I say subsequently, but both of these events happened in the weeks leading up to her testimony).
But I must ask WTF!?! is up with 60 Minutes? Only Alabama was affected by the blackouts? And 60 Minutes' parent company (CBS) is located in New York? How does a technical gaffe in New York only affect those in the very state being discussed and only during that particular segment? Someone find me a statistical dweeb and get me the odds on that. Because I think it would be in the area of Not Possible:1.
CBS's 60 Minutes story is here and I would urge you to read it.

P.S. For an update, this article from Harper's Magazine states that it was the local CBS affiliate that blacked out the story and told viewers it was New York's fault. According to New York, they had no transmission difficulties. Plus, the story is written by someone who was interviewed multiple times for the story itself so he has inside knowledge of a lot.


Gareth Keenan said...

I've been to Alabama.
In a clothing store, near the main isles there were tables with shirts.
They said things like "WWJD" or had that little fish on them. "Jesus Loves You" and such other things. THESE WERE IN A NORMAL CLOTHING STORE.
They are still years behind in some ways.

But god damn the food in the south kicks some ass!

Gareth Keenan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gareth Keenan said...

One night we were at a bar in Alabama.
I went to use the rest room to release some beer from my body and there was some writing on the wall by the urinal. Not the tagging like we get here in CA, but actual writing with a pen.

It said.

"Need a car? Call skeet! We get you done" *put some phone number here*

Wow huh? I only thought those red neck comedians used the term 'get 'er dun' but I was proven wrong that day!

fishstick said...

why'd you delete yur sekint comment?

Gareth Keenan said...

I don't remember actually...
I was in a state of intoxication i think. Give me an hour and i will be back in that state and i'll remember why i deleted it.
Maybe i put up an incomplete story or something..

you do know about the blog gnomes though right?
They steal your blogs and such..

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