Thursday, September 06, 2007


sometimes there comes a darkness of the soul. at that moment one can no longer see the greater good that is the overlying fabric of a people. one cannot see the monuments created, the kindness passed on, the gleaming line that connects all.
sometimes it is merely the small insanity of one that affects you or me and no one else that tips us over into the abyss. an abyss that mocks our screams. and makes one wonder if screaming is even worth shouting about.
we have no control over the actions of others, nor should we. but when events conspire to affect our very lives for no better reason than another person has gone over the edge with no thought to how it may ripple out like a stone in a pool then i think that i may no longer be able to stand idly by.
what do i do, though? fly away? provoke a confrontation? assassinate from behind the curtain?
i just don't know.
i have watched many of those i know miscalculate their lives. they have watched me do the same. mostly, though, these events have not made me concerned for my own welfare, my own being.
now, however, i see something happening with someone i do not know as a friend or as a colleague, but the actions being undertaken have the ability to force me out of my current life as i know it in a catastrophic way.
so, fuck it. i'm going camping.


airplanejayne said... blog for a month, and then this rant? without details? WTF!?!?!? and now you're going camping!?!?!?!?

look out Bass Lake Squirrels, a big nut is headed your way....


Katie :) said...

the crazy do not understand their actions, and need to rely on the normal to pull them through. Camping is going to be amazing- at least we can leave crazy at home for a few days! :)

mintzworks said...

Wow. Apj echoed my thoughts word for word.

I don't even have to do a post, cuz she covered it all!