Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Cup Update

well, we're down to the final four in the world cup. france v. italy. germany v. portugal. or some similarity therein. it's an all europe, all southern hospitality convention from here on out. england's out thankfully. a good team, but no attacking wisdom. brazil showed its lack of cohesion. the ukraine was lucky to get as far as it did. and the refs continue their dominating performance as they change games in midstride with the odd yellow and red cards. this is truly the worst officiated cup i've ever watched.
now. looking at the pictures disseminated by our hardworking reporters and photographers present in germany i have chosen a few to accurately represent the highlights so far:

because france evidently didn't send any representatives to the cup i am reinstating brazil in the final four. again and again and again and...well, you get the idea.
italy is never far behind (though it would have been nicer if they'd shown hers)
i lived in germany for a year way back when and i can attest to the awesome support handed out by the football faithful and all of the ways in which they show said support. it's a beautiful thing as is the twin.
then there's portugal. oh yes, then there is...portugal. what a team, what a concept...what a bellyful of support
my pick to win the cup? well, it was brazil or argentina. now, i'm kinda hoping for a group hug so we're all winners.


Katie :) said...

You and your damn soccer.

scarysquirrelman said...

it's called football, you dumb american fascist.

Zonthar said...

It's called hot chicks watching something. I don't care if it's fleas mud wrestling. Well okay, that I would like to see.

lecram sinun said...

yeah, I watched the france/brazil game today. brazil just didn't have their samba on... though it was a fun game to watch.

steph said...

welcome back fascist futbol fan.

Now BLOG you bastard!

more more more more

Katie :) said...

American Fascist huh?

Mustang said...

I have always wanted to visit Portugal. I hear it is warm, inviting place where you may stay as long as want, but are free to come and go at will.