Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World Cup Update, Part 2

later this morning there will be the first semifinal game of the world cup. germany will play italy. let me first say that i am hoping for a germany- france final. i want those cheese eating surrender monkeys to get within one game and then lose it to the krauts (who, by the way, are known as the "manschafft")...oh, and this year's theme at the world cup is "racism is not acceptable" and i'd like to say that it is a great idea and should be acted upon.
moving on, i hope that we will see none of this (see below picture) in today's game:

a bunch of these:
a few of these:
and as much of this as possible. by the way, doesn't she look somewhat similar to a certain friend of ours?
plus, i think that her sign sums up what will be happening out at APJ's later on this afternoon. cheers to all. gametime at noon.


airplanejayne said...

so am I supposed to BBQ some Swiss thing? swiss cheese? shit - last time I did that it made a mess of my grill.....

scarysquirrelman said...

hmmm. could be swedish meatballs.

Katie :) said...

damn soccer ;)