Thursday, July 20, 2006


so, this is my new toy. it took me about an hour today to figure out how to assemble the tripod and mount (used, no instruction manual), but i did it. tonight i will take it outside and run it through its paces. some neat accessories to it. a telrad scope, a simple motor drive, a 90 degree diagonal. should be fun and just in time for the Mars Opposition, which will begin next month (closest Mars will be in the last 5000 years [ that's as far back as recorded history goes astronomically, so it's probably been a lot longer]).
this is a two inch upgrade from my previous scope. the previous showed saturn's rings and jupiter's storm band, but this one should get a lot closer and provide more detail. i'll be able to see the polar caps on mars very well now.
and next thursday i'll be down at the local tat shop working on an HNT shot when i get this (look down) put on my left shoulder/bicep. i have three already (two by this artist) and all done by men, so this time i've chosen to have a woman ink this baby. her portfolio is pretty awesome and some of her style is exactly what will be needed for this. it will, of course, lose a bit of the fine detail, but she and i will improvise on that in order to keep the overall continuity as is.
so, a good day all in all. new toy, new tat. some broad coming over to love me up. yeah. good day in the 'No.

add on (9:38 pm) what's with the fucking clouds? i'm sitting here waiting to take out the scope and it's cloudy. nothing to see, dammit!
also, the Dixie Chicks are coming to town on thursday, september 6 (very, very close to my birthday). i'm thinking of going.


airplanejayne said...

'kay....for some reason, the picture looks like your scope (heh-heh) is related to that robot in the movie "Short Circuit"

so I think we should call your scope (heh-heh).....wait for it....

Number 5.

kowboi said...

damn nice. so is bigger better??

lecram sinun said...

you've needed those 2 inches for a while... at least for the broad's sake.

scarysquirrelman said...

lecram: not funny...but she agrees.

kowboi: you actually have to ask???

APJ: wait'll you see the tele-extender!

Mustang said...

Dear Star Buddy,

Nice tube, nice pod, can't wait to see it slew! Are your lenses clean, and do you have dew cap?


Katie :) said...

The scope is amazing.
The tat will be amazing
And that broad better be super hot.... ;)

lecram sinun said...

not funny to you perhaps... but it makes ALL the difference to her!

Ronan Jimson said...

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airplanejayne said...

sorry it took so long for me to get back.....

but you said "tele-extender"

Oh thank heaven for seven-eleven!