Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spankin' 101. Sweet. Smack.

Cool. The Minutemen have come up with a "do-it-yourself" defense perimeter. Unfortunately, they want to place the fences in a somewhat straight line instead of a circle or square. Because it's my opinion that the most dangerous people out there along the Rio border are the ones who think Mexicans should be stopped from coming over. Perhaps, they should study the Davidian blueprints instead. You know: enclose, encapsulate, incinerate. Xenophobia is such a nasty and diabolical disease that all who suffer from it should be quarantined for at least, oh, the rest of their lives. Not that I suffer from xenophobic xenophobia or anything, but--eww!--them people are kinda icky and I bet they smell funny and talk with an accent and wear weird headgear and worship a vengeful God and I don't think I would want my daughter to date one.

By "disciplined" do they mean "spanked"? Couldn't this qualify as faculty-sponsored, pre-doctoral group study session sports-related activity? Probably not, huh? Oh well. So much for enlightened edumacation. This is exactly why I did my studying at the Bucket (RIP) and nowhere near a supposedly sanctioned spot like the library or classroom. Demagogic repression of free expression with no session for sane suggestion.

Ha. Whoo hoo. Effin' A. Woof. Who's your daddy? Ooh, smack. Rove is being "redesignated" for assignment. In baseball, that means "thanks for all your hard work. Enjoy Triple A. Carry your own bags, bitch". So, Rove is now going to condescendtrate on helping Repubelicans keep their seats or maybe even win one they don't already own. Is it that bad in the Oval Office that Bush has to jettison the guy who got him where he is today? Is it that bad for the party that Rove has to go on the campaign trail for a bunch of sycophants who would actually rather not have to need him? Sort of like Cheney doing the dance for his party and no one seems that thrilled about it. Dick just came to Washington and almost no protestors showed up, because it was like, you know, yawn. Of course, Dick has a ways to go yet before he is indicted by Fitzgerald for crimes against the State. One rung at a time. One sanctioned torture at a time. Do you think Cheney's just not a baby toucher? As a matter of fact, when's the last time you ever saw a politician hold a baby like the old stereotype demands they should do?

Wasn't there a muppet or something named Grover? Did he have friends who did something like this:
Of course, Norquist took his own cut—“I need to give Grover something for helping, so the first transfer will be a bit lighter,” Abramoff wrote in an email to Reed. Displaying a characteristic shamelessness, Norquist recently filed a trademark application on the phrase “K Street Project.” Just curious. I mean, an email like that that doesn't make the mainstream news for us to digest with our bagel and special K Street Koffee must not be that important to anyone but a muppethead. Again, just curious.

Well, I'll sign off for now. It's Half Nekkid Thursday after all. And naughty pictures must be perused. You can go to Lecram's site to find out what HNT is all about. As for me, I've got Skype turned on and the third season of NewsRadio waiting for me. What a phenomenol (hey, that sounds like a great name for a date drug) cast. Plus, the hydrocodone is kicking in finally. After 5 beers. Jaw joint pain. Minor loss of hearing. Ringing in the ear. Either bad allergies, hypertension, TMJ or the Big C. As in Curmudgeon. Doesn't get better, I'm going in for Amoxycillin and good pain killers ("oh, doc. It hurts to chew. And it hurts to swallow. And it hurts to work. I mean, walk. What's that? Oh yeah, and it hurts to hear. And my bursitis, ohmigodthefreakinpain").
Ciao, you dirty little commies.


steph said...

urgh. I tuned to your blogrant to see what you'd have about the Gitmo list finally (almost) being released.

That should be good for a two pager, so...GO!

scarysquirrelman said...

if you're not careful with your epithats, i'll do a blogrant on readers. damn your crossed eyes.