Thursday, March 02, 2006

Half Nekkid Thursday and

My Fractured Mind
Oh, and people need to wave at the webcam. or write notes and hold them up so they can say hi to me from my exile in Washington. My first year away from the Rogue.
update: let them comment!!! and tell fatass to get out of the way of the webcam... sorry, jag. didn't mean to call you fatass.
update #2: good crowd. but they don't look drunk. did you guys provide wine? and why do they keep looking at the lame artwork on the wall when the true genius is on the laptops? hey. HEY!!! pay attention to me. look at me! don't make me add another picture! okay, that's it. now, you've pissed me off. here it comes. and i won't be held responsible. you asked for it!!!

Yeah, you don't like that one, do you? drink more and maybe it will all blur into a bad memory. like my once firm buttocks.


MacManus said...

Thats awesome LMAO!

The Rogue kicks off today so here is the address for the Rogue HNT webcam. You can watch them looking at you

Enjoy :)

scarysquirrelman said...

thanks paul. and, my, your hnt post is a, uh, looong one. i'm impressed.

Mustang said...

I never want to see you ass again, damnit!


airplanejayne said...

great furry butt, blah, blah, yadayda, yeah, yeah.

but here's the important stuff: I saw a show last night that made me think of you!

no - not the belly dancers -- I saw a ranting man, ranting and ranting and ranting! AND

airplanejayne said...

oops -- so excited that I prematurely hit like me to be done before I start....

anyway -- as I was saying: AND he got paid for it!!!

he had great hair and eyes -- but not much of an ass.

you are missed!!!!

scarysquirrelman said...

mustang: you keep laughing, i'll keep showing it.
APJ: thank you for your appreciation. More body parts next week (and i'll be there while you're appreciating).

aughra said...

SSM - You have made my birthday!! The Muppet Show! I am so thrilled. Email or comment when you can, and tell me what you'd like your thank you picture to be.

dusty said...

Alas, I will not be able to attend this planned.

But i shall be there next weekend, so hopefully we will run into each other..not literally of course..well, maybe..

ah hell, see ya next weekend you crazy man :P