Monday, February 27, 2006

Countdown to Rouge

go here to find out what this really cool picture is all about. trust me. Really. Seriously. Shut up. Yes, I've been drinking. Is that what you want to hear? Is that what makes you happy? To think I'm still a drunk? Then fine. I'm drunk and puking all over my keyboard. Oh crap, here goes another volley. Dirty little Commies.
I hate polls, don't you? One note about this one, though. It's not six ports, it's around 21. Fortunately for you Californians, your ports are not affected (according to your illustrious Governor), but you might want to ask which country's company is actually in charge of them.
To me it's kind of funny the difference in arguments about Dubai being involved in controlling these ports. When I first heard about it I, too, was a bit agog that our administration would hand over something like this to a foreign entity having ties to those people we are told we want to kill. Looking into it, though, I found I was more interested in
1) the fact that the deal was done without the knowledge of Bush, Chertoff and Rumsfeld (three alleged administration mucky mucks directly tied to this type of thing), and
2) why exactly we need to be outsourcing critical control of our seaports. Are we as American workers and American companies really that incompetent? So much so that we can't be trusted to helm this ship (so to speak) ourselves? Or does bottom dollar truly rule? Or does a million dollar gift to the George Bush Library by Dubai really count for this much?

And speaking of outsourcing...or is it just more deregulation? Or deforestation? Or dearrangerment?

And speaking of Hallibuton...weren't we?...looks like we're picking up the tab for disputed costs on one of its no-bid contracts. Hey, you gotta feel for these guys. Hard working what with the bribes and graft and cut throat business deals and overcharging for every little damn thing and not finishing one job that I can think of. Of course, if you had as many people to pay off and subsidiaries to not keep track of or inline you wouldn't have any time left to run your own business the way one might expect you to. Good thing halliburton has never had any intention of doing that. By the way, do any of you realize just how heavy a "football" made up of hundred dollar bills can get when humped in a suitcase or backpack all the way from the States to Baghdad? Evidently, it's not easy feeing green.

So, if I can make it down to the 'No for the second weekend of the Rogue, who can I count on for a place to lay my sodden head? Because I can guarantee this: it will be sodden. And snorin'. Things might work out for me to make the sojourn. And kamotion says she'll be there as well. By the way, today is her birthday. So, go over and wish her one why dontcha? Oh, and go to Generik's place and ask him if he's coming down for this year's festival and bringing the missus.


lecram sinun said...

You got a place to bunk at mine.

scarysquirrelman said...

what's the cost? kinky stuff? or just normal straight man on man?

lecram sinun said...

my bitches need servicing.

Mustang said...

We would be pleased to accomodate you, although I cannot offer the same "service" as lecram..and given the current discussion, an appropriate name at that!