Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney Steps Up War On Lawyers: Shoots One (stole this, but damn it's funny)

I'm still trying to hunt down info from a CBS news story about Cheney shooting his buddy. Right now, everyone is talking about the delay between the shooting and the public announcement. However, CBS evidently had a news bit on the fact that Cheny's Secret Service entourage would not allow local law enforcement to question him about the incident. Standard procedure in this kind of case includes questioning of all involved on the offchance that criminal complaints may be filed. The Secret Service refused to allow any questioning. Local law was alerted to the incident when the ambulance was summoned by Cheney's party and showed up at the scene. But no questioning. None. Nada. Nichts. Niente. Null set. Zippo. Don't know really if they even asked, but I think they did.
As for the delay in a public announcement (or even an internal one for that matter...Bush didn't know for about 2 and 1/2 hours. Scott McClellan didn't know until the next morning. Evidently, Cheney called Rove instead of Bush) it's interesting, but not to my mind noteworthy...yet. I would like to know if, in fact, local law officials were really not allowed to interview Cheney about his role in the shooting. If I tried that I would be arrested for obstruction of justice or fleeing the scene of a crime (even if none were actually commited). I could, also, be arrested (along with everyone with me) for conspiracy after the fact to commit a crime. All three can be contrued as potential felonies. Instead, I'm sure the Secret Service called on them good old boys down there to pass on a little professional courtesy and let Dick tend to his friend in the hospital. Most local law folks will do that, but they will still want a personal statement from Cheney. And I don't mean a fax from the White House.
Personally, my first thought when I heard about it was that his buddy criticized the War or something and Cheney tried to fire a warning shot over his head. Something along the lines of his telling a Senator on the floor of the Senate to "go fuck yourself" (remember that little gem?).


Tahoma Activist said...

Hey there, fellow Washingtonian! Isn't Dick Cheney a hoot?

I can't believe we have such poorly educated media consumers. People will laugh about this story and totally miss the fact that Scooter Libby fingered Dick and "other White House superiors" over the weekend. And they will also likely miss that CIA chief of Near East during Bush's presidency has come out in retirement saying that Bush's people manipulated available intelligence to give a misleading view of Iraq to legislators. This is damning stuff - but sadly, people aren't aware of how totally in the dark they are.

P.S. Are you signed up on leftyblogs? They have a whole Washington State page that's great.

scarysquirrelman said...

i agree. dick's a real shot in the arm (or head, neck and chest) on a slow news day.

Mustang said...

Did you hear that Cheney's daughter is writing a book...? The title is...(wait for it)

The Only Dick I Love is My Dad...


scarysquirrelman said...

who your daddy? Dick your daddy!

scarysquirrelman said...

by the way, tahoma, i'm one of the ones laughing over this story. what the hell is an old coot with a pacemaker who's in and out of the hospital for heart palpitations doing with a gun in his hands? and now he's being cited $7 for not having the proper license sticker. fortunately, it's being paid although i wonder what that comes out to per capita for the taxpayers.
but you know what the really damning stuff is? liberals who write blogs and think the world's going to change because we got this hip outlet for our angst. man, if only everyone would read my blog. then i'd be someone. then the world would pay attention. then that coffee counter girl would ask me out.