Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sanctity of Life. By Gum!

"At no point are we not going to value the sanctity of life," said prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon. "We would resuscitate him," then execute him.
No offense to those of you who support the death penalty for whatever reason (even though I think y'all are morons), but what the hell??? Clarence Ray Allen- a vicious, unrepetent asshole who was resuscitated once back in September for a supposedly fatal heart attack- asked his captors to let him just die if he had another one before his execution. The above response says it all about our so-called criminal justice system and the (lack of) morality therein.
"Sanctity of life"??? We will bring you back as many times as necessary, because we believe in the Sanctity of Life, so that we can kill you deaddeaddead in order to prove a point. I'm guessing the point is about the Sanctity of Life somehow. He didn't believe in it while he was ordering hits from prison, but somehow by kickstarting his heart as many times as it takes we ("we" being the morons) are showing him and the world that we value human life so much we will do whatever it takes to keep someone alive long enough to kill him legally. Um, put quotation marks around legally. So that it looks like this: "legally". Not to be confused with "morally". Or "financially feasible". Or "reducing the violent crime rate". Or "making the victims' families really feel any better in the long run".
Did you know it costs more to put a prisoner to death "legally" than it does to just lock them up forever and throw away the key? If a murderer continues to be a naughty boy in prison, then take away phone and visitation rights. Don't allow him access to the real world. Spy on his lawyers. My goodness, we're doing it to "terrorists" right now and we have so much less evidence against them.
But no. Put the American to death. Gas him. Electrocute him. Shoot his heart full of holes. Stick a needle in his veins. Then talk about how humane it all is. And how it will bring peace to the families of his victims. And how we are a nation of laws and crime cannot go unpunished and how the punishment must fit the crime. I'm all for a person forfeiting their right to life as we see it. And I'm all for the punishment fitting the crime. But how does killing the convict truly punish him? We've ended his suffering. We've ended his sentence. We are still stuck with his legacy. And it takes us long, long years and millions in taxpayers' money to do so. And 99.9999999% of us couldn't give a shit about that one scumbag. And does it statistically lower the violent crime rate? A big, fat, resounding no.
Unfortunately, it's the morons who make the loudest noise in this arena. Why? Dunno. Maybe they're still pissed off about Viet Nam, the Civil Rights Movement, the New Deal, the Civil War and King George the 3rd turning out to be a big pussy. Really, I don't know. Hell, it could all be constipation from the Roadkill Stew. Enlightenment, people. That's all I ask. And not on the "moral" issue. Fuck that. We should all know by now that revenge solves nothing. I'm more concerned about the moolah and the lawyers sucking it up like the bottom feeders they are. And the politicians using it as an elective stance when really they don't give a shit either. And the preachers who never opened a Bible, but know the right words to get their flocks to tithe. And the Rotarians for whatever reason. I don't think they're related to this rant, but they really bother me. So, they're in.
Any time I think of these people, I hear in my head the line from The Big Lebowski:
"Eight-year-olds, dude."


lecram sinun said...

By gum... it's time to start that "Practicalist" Party we were discussing several drunken stupors ago.

Mustang said...

Yea...but would JOHN WAYNE do it that way?

Dragion said...

Sanctity of life? ... what a great insight, I didn't know that they had resusitated him once before. That is so "American" of us, no... you must die our way no matter how much it costs! Great post, SSM

scarysquirrelman said...

now i'm wondering if prison inmates are allowed to sign DNR forms.