Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blame My Sister

I've been reading Kurt Vonnegut's "A Man Without A Country". My sister gave it to me as a Christmas present. There's irony there, folks.
And while reading I came across the section wherein V talks about a book he's been trying (unsuccessfully, so far) to write. It stars Gil Berman. Gil is a stand-up comic at the end of time aka as the world is at the end of being slowly (or not so slowly) destroyed by its evergrowing demand for the very things that make the world self-sustaining.
And V muses:
"What about God? If He were alive today? Gil Berman says, "God would have to be an atheist, because the excrement has hit the air-conditioning big time, big time."
And it made me wonder:
Does God have a God? Is there anything in the Bible that speaks to God's Father? Yes, we all know that God is All Powerful, All Knowing, Omniscient. But does He have a Boss? Does He answer to anyone other than Himself? If He doesn't, then oversight stops there.
And if God doesn't have Management, then (in a sense) He IS an atheist. He has only Himself to worship.
And He is the Ultimate Authority on all things Godly and no one is there to take Him to task for anything and He is worshiping Himself as the Final Arbiter...
Then why get so pissed off about Jonestown, which would seem like a tea party gone bad?
Or the gassing of Jews, which would look like a frat prank gotten out of hand?
Or even Iraq, which could be just infantile hazing?
Or our delicate democracy as it slides downhill? Most petri dishes fail.
If God has no Father (or Mother or Wood Nymph with a lazy eye), then God MUST be an atheist. And that would be the ultimate irony. Worshipping a deity who doesn't believe in deities.
And damn funny, to boot.
Then again, I think God's a chemist and He's about 500 tests away from getting it right. Or close enough to publish.


Mustang said...

A bit presumptious to think God is a he, and not a she? Furthermore, who does God believe in? Himself? OK, so self-esteem is important, but what about faith? Isn't that the source of all religion? Faith in what cannot be proven, faith that someone else controls your life, assumably for the better?

If so, and God has no one to whom God is faithful, isn't that...something philosophically annoying, for which I cannot find the right word?

Generik said...

Now, see, unlike with most of your standard-issue Earth religions, I could possibly be persuaded to believe in a God who created God. That would be one powerful motherfucker, a guy with some real juice.