Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bush Tried To Snow Us This Weekend And The Weather Up Here Shows Him How It's Really Done

hey, it's snowing a bit tonight. it probably won't stick around (it won't get cold enough). but still, whoo hoo! it looks great falling through the streetlights.
and that reminds me: as we all should know by now, president bush broke the law by authorizing spying on US citizens without first getting warrants as proscribed by judicial system. has dug up some of alberto gonzalez's testimony before congress when he was being nominated to attorney general. oopsie...he flat-out said bush was not above the law and that he would inform congress if illegalities were commited by the Chimp. go here for more.

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lecram sinun said...

Snowing, huh? Yeah, but I'm pretty sure deep down you're missing the foggy, cold, dankness of the big "NO".