Saturday, November 05, 2005

Eviction Notice

for those of you so bored you actually check in on my blog to see what i have to poop about i'm sorry to say that i will be a mite busy in the coming weeks to maintain a consistent whine from here. i have chosen to move to poulsbo, washington within a month. so, i will be involved in boxing up, throwing out, selling off and giving away whatall i can in order to lighten my burden during the actual drive up there. it's a very exciting and scary time for me, but i hope to be back to my usual curmudgeonly self sometime in mid-december after i've established myself up in the Great Northwest where the rain is deep and the women Norwegian.


airplanejayne said...

so when/where is the big "kick SSM out of Fresno" party?

--but seriously, you will be missed.


Generik said...

Wow. Good luck, my friend. I'll email you with some Seattle capper contacts later.

scarysquirrelman said...

the big party to kick my ass out of this one pony trick is...(drumroll, please)...not. no interest in a party. i've always just gone. i am not the cog in anybody's wheel that needs some goodbye grease.
"that being said" (tm), you can always ask me out for a drink or something.

Mustang said...

I wondered where you had gotten to..F-Town to P-Town..

Let's find time for that drink, but in the interim, perhaps a nother chat...?


airplanejayne said...



--and if you're not there.....we'll talk about you.....

scary, eh?

hey - my word thingy is: kbubuda
some kinda buddha thing, I suppose.


jade ed girl said...

Well, I still need to have a house-warming gathering. And we share most of the same friends, so how bout we do that before ya go?