Saturday, November 05, 2005

And Now For The "News"

Love it, absolutely love it. This soap opera will go for at least three seasons and will draw an audience of none after the first few episodes. but it's well acted, dynamic, great directors and shows the promise of a dead body or two.

well, at least Kerry figured it out (unlike Gore), but that cuts no ice when the Democrats had four years in which to ensure that this never happened again. in fact, why would one want a president who couldn't press for the truth when treason is on the line?

this article states that republicans don't like eminent domain. huh? in my city of fresno, the reps take to eminent domain like a duck to water. it's how one does business. never mind the historical buildings. it's how all pols do business when it comes to ensuring "renewed interest" in a crappy part of town. doesn't matter if it george bush or anyone else. the congress passed a bill making it easier to invoke this policy and all cities are taking advantage of it as quickly as they can.


marypoppins/privateeye said...

Isn't that why we are in Iraq?
Eminent Domain is taking place on a global scale so that a few wealthy folk can get wealthier.
It is sinful....
Thou shalt not steal!
Good "Christians" should know better shouldn't they.

aughra said...

republicans don't like eminent domain? The hell?! Of course they do.


Ick. Off to drink coffee and consider my move to Canada.

airplanejayne said...


I tagged you -- so there.....

-was it good for you???