Monday, October 03, 2005

Tabula Rasa

okay, maybe it's a cheap shot...but i'd swear i can see the president's lips moving. now let's see him drink a glass of water.
anyhoo, his doll is perhaps the next supreme. be aware, be vary aware. and to those of you who might make the assertion that charlotte mccarthy over there is maybe not so zealously partisan because it's on the record that she donated to al gore's campaign fund...think about who was gore's campaign chairman at the time-none other than democrat-turned-republican (insert triumphal music cue here) texas's now-governor rick perry. big raspberries.

next topic: the DOD has better things to do, it seems, than repay families who bought body armor and whatnot for their soldier-children when the DOD wouldn't (even though congress ordered it to last year). tsk, tsk. but maybe that money is going to the starving children of Sudan. no? well then, it must be the victims of hurricanes katrina and rita. wrong again? huh...
(by the way, two sidenotes here on the 'canes. did anyone else think on the song "walking on sunshine" and notice any irony? also, everyone knows that tornadoes target mobile home parks and wipe them from the face of the earth. that's a given. but recently there have been articles about 150,000 mobile homes springing up out of nowhere after these 'canes. so, do the tornadoes waft them up into the air, take them out over the atlantic, hand them to the hurricanes [who clean them up, polish them, get rid of the residents] and the hurricanes bring them back ready for new inhabitants? not that anyone really is. only about 5000 of the 150,000 are actually being resided in. just wondering.)

"Lady Thatcher met Mr DeLay as as one politician meeting another. It was in no way a business meeting." um, how can that NOT be a business meeting? they're politicians for crying out loud! that's all they do. they eat it, breathe it, live it, crap it and bugger it. delay does not go anywhere without an agenda. least of all, to england...oh wait, it was a golf outing. perhaps, he just wanted her advice on how best to swing a mashie. there are a few other tidbits (rumors) on thatcher's health and decline thereof. i can't say i didn't admire her after a fashion and it would be a shame for her to lose her mental prowess. casting aside the falklands photo-op war, she did much to bring england back into the mainstream of world politics. she was more than smart enough to realize that the dollar was once again invincible, reagan was on a major roll and the Cold War was being won by him. when you are no longer the world's biggest power, what do you do? well, the smart leader places her money on the biggest and strongest horse. this she did and it was the right thing to do at the time. which is more than can be said of many world leaders at any given time in history.

oops, charlotte mccarthy ( i mean, harriet miers) time again. here is her resume. then she says this: "The wisdom of those who drafted our Constitution and conceived our nation as functioning with three strong and independent branches has proven truly remarkable" and i wonder where she was vacationing when terri schiavo was being batted around by the republicans who accused the federal and supreme courts of activism in refusing to become involved in a private matter and threatened them with physical retaliation. or when the supreme court actually agreed to step in and stop the 2000 presidential vote recount? does an independent judicial branch do what the white house tells it to do? does it interpret law as decreed by a 250-ish year old manuscript and allow as how only men are created equal? thomas jefferson and ben franklin were were very wary of instituting laws that, once in ink and signed, could be used by the few to oppress the many. and they both knew it could be done through "strict interpretation" easier than through verbal manipulation.
enough for now. as everyone knows...i hate politics except when it hates me back.

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airplanejayne said...

hmmmm--Georgie (porgie-pudding-pie) seems to be following his pattern of putting people with no job experience in pretty important jobs: Secretary of State, FEMA, and now Supreme Court!?!?!? I mean, she's NEVER BEEN A JUDGE!!! hel-LO???

Oops - sorry, I forgot. YOU rant, I rave about your rant.

must've been a slip of the lip -- or role reversal....