Friday, October 07, 2005

Indiana Means In Diana And Nothin' Else!

we here at dyerama central, known clearinghouse of information, wish to pass along the following alert to anyone residing in the state of indiana: your rights to assisted pregnancy (i.e. you're infertile and wish to go the surrogate route, you're unmarried or gay) may end soon. a proposed bill has been introduced to the Health Finance Commission. it is Request Number 20061258. within this "request" is a line which states that an unmarried person may not be an intended parent. further down (and it's long) is a section that would require "intended parents" to describe in detail their lives and livlihoods (okay on the surface). however, within this list is: "values" and "relationships". read further and one finds that the bill would require one to list any and all "faith-based" associations and activities. evidently, this proposed bill has the backing of the commission's chairperson, state senator patricia miller. however, yesterday she withdrew this bill from consideration. one wonders why. one's mind boggles. one shakes the magic eight ball for insight into how this neanderthal was ever elected. then one checks the map that shows all 50 states, peruses past statewide voting tendancies, and shrugs. unles, of course, one has been to indiana in the past lifetime...then one doesn't even have to look at stats. one just knows.
p.s. ginandtacos has a good line on this topic as well. look to the october 6 entry.


marypoppins/privateeye said...

The world of infertility is crazy.
There are too many idiots who believe that if you can't have a baby without assistance due to a physical issue, then God must not want you to have a baby and you should not be able to have any assistance in getting pregnant. However, if you are a man who can't get it up, then God has created viagra just for you, and he has blessed you with insurance that will provide you with plenty little blue pills that will enable you to have a 4 hour hard on.
To all infertile women, I invite you to seek a pranic healer. It is the alternative I took when the doctors told me there was no hope.

scarysquirrelman said...

amen, sister!