Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Storm Warning

just a quick post. i've turned on the television set (which is hooked up to the Dish Network) and it is experiencing massive technical difficulties. which means a storm is interfering with the satellites. and there is a storm warning for my fair city that includes heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and nickel sized hail. i'd say it might be on its way. cool. for me. not cool for the raisin growers (if one can say that about the people who make raisins. they don't really grow them, they grow grapes and then let those grapes lie on paper until they're mere ghosts of the fat, succulent crowd pleasers they once were). i'm going to try and post on my trip to the San Francisco Fringe Festival at some point today, but i'm still recovering from the vacation.

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lecram sinun said...

Yeah... everything was wonky on the net last night. It's a lot better today though.... and it's HNT!