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marypoppins/privateeye said...

Oh Wise One,
I need help with my blog.
I can no longer put put on pictures, and the font size is going nuts. On the draft it looks normal, but on the blog part of it came out really huge and bumbled.
Are we only allowed a certain amount of pictures at a time. What might be the prob?
In the meantime, i need a glass of wine as I have wasted an hour of my time trying to figure this out.
btw, cute pic

airplanejayne said...

hmmmm....just what is she unlocking?

scarysquirrelman said...

marypoppers: blogspot has been weird for me, too, these past few days. i can only suggest patience. i am still a novice with this outfit like you.
APJ: in order to fully enjoy my sly wit, you must copy and paste the link below the picture.

Mustang said...


Glad to have you back amongst the angst ridden and blog infested!

Joy be with me, not you!