Monday, September 05, 2005

happy non-HNT night. i just wanna show a tattoo.

wow. weird what a night at lecram's can do to one's head. especially when mustang is there. and "J". trust me when i say that these are three individuals who should never be in the same vicinity as me. drunk, drunk, stoned and drunk. and i speak of just me. them i don't know about. i hope "them" are sufficiently dizzy enough to not fall asleep until they've puked.
a nice barbecue. lots of burned meat, lots and lots of beer, tequila and devil's brew. eclectic mix of folks. good conversation that would turn dirty and/or silly at the twist of a word. jaded stopped by and starsadie (neither of whom write very much) hung out. some guy named "writerboy" was there. not a clue about that. we named him, but we want a paternity test. man, there was a lot of booze there. and no dope. nope. nada. nichts. niente. zilch. nein. nyet. null set. zippo. well, at least it was fun. otherwise i would have told them all to fuck off. so, lucky for them that they're really cool.


lecram sinun said...

yeah,last night was fun. I'llbe posting on the meat burning later. Wonder if the others in our blog pod present last night will do so too?

Mustang said... fucking head really fucking hurts...oowww..OK, I feel better now after hoisted big flat thingies for lecram..which is what we did with the big flat thingies into lecram's legarage. Will write more elsewhere later, after sleep and food.