Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Half Nekkid Thursday

happy happy joy joy! it's HNT time again! this week i'm pulling an oldie from my college days. back in the year 19mumblemumble i was but a wee lad who thought he had the makings of a sean connery, sean penn, sean young or pauly shore. there i was at the U, making my way up the ranks of the privileged class (those who were given parts without having to really audition). at that time i was about a pfc. most of my work was being done in the "black box", which is where the student-run productions happened 9and where the best shows occured, because they were anarchy at its finest). i had been blacklisted by a professor a semester or so before this picture was taken, because i failed to show up for one of his poetry class readings (or something like that). so, i had been working the non-teacher-controlled plays for a while. when a senior grade actor decided to be Hamlet for his senior project i went to auditions hoping to get a minor supporting role. in fact, the professor/director had suggested i try out for laertes or Hamlet's sissy friend. reading the script for the first time in my life i quickly focused on Claudius (that bastard evil king/stepfather/murderer). something about him just clicked with me. i got the part and this is the one promo photo i was given and able to hang onto. it's not necessarily half-nekkid now, but i felt ALL nekkid when i was on stage. this was my biggest and baddest role to date. and damn i was good looking before the drugs, booze, baby and narcissism took full hold of me.
happy HNT to all and to all a good night/morning/afternoon. go here for the rules (more like guidelines, actually) and go here to see my favorite hottie (if she's out of the hospital and feeling up to blogging). and go here to check out HNT's creator's blog. also, lecram's HNT is up.
go. now. i mean it. quit staring at me. or say something. anything. fuck it. fine, just go. this was the biggest mistake of my life trying to be honest with you. you're just like all the rest. ogle me and on to the next. you'll get yours someday and i'll be there to laugh and laugh and laugh...i'm sending you the bill for my therapy.


lecram sinun said...

Oh sweet prince... no you were the bastard who wanted to off the Big Ham! Cheers....great HNT!

marypoppins/privateeye said...

Cool pic!
I posted you yesterday. I am proud to announce that today I learned how to do colors on my blog page.
Not bad for me!
You were right.......good therapy.
May your day be merry and bright.

Belly said...

Fun HNT and dual take on nekkidness.
Happy HNT!

CheekyMoo said...

Well I don't want to have to pay for therapy or anything. I mean, who's going to pay for mine? Happy HNT!

Femi-mommy said...

nice pic - sorry about the neurosis...

Spinning Girl said...


Lelly said...

This is a fantastic pic, great post too! My HNT also features archive photos and a Shakespeare reference...not that I'm hinting you should check it out or anything! :-)

FunkyB said...

You completely cracked me up!

Sometimes gettin' nekkid is more about revealing yourself, than revealing your skin. I get it ;)