Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ahem...A Po-em

I noticed that Lecram is posting excerpts of his plays. How pretentious. How "artistic". How...Tower. In that vein, I feel I have something to offer. And so, I present you with a po-em:

That's a goddam goodlooking sandwich
she's eating all alone
enough for me and the twin I never had
and I'll have it too
if I have to break both
her glazed face and her diamond teeth
my last repast
paisley pastrami and
lettuce so latticed that it
couldn't hold its folds
ain't sittin' so pretty
like two lovers in love should

I'll break her fucking arms
the one holding the food
and the one holding his wood
and he looks like a guy
who can't get it up without-

goddam that's a goodlooking sandwich
grease slips soft and over
her busy little lips
red red meat and moist moist green
shoving their way past her gullet
musky dusky cheese and wet dripping
au jus

a Picasso of a poorboy
a thick quick slice of Van Gogh
I'll break her arms
both fucking one of them
just to force it whole
down her throat

it's that goddam goodlooking a sandwich.


airplanejayne said...

darn! shoulda saved the "Get off the meat" line for here!!!!!

Lelly said...

Utterly, utterly, charming! Disarming, in fact...particularly as you wish to break both of hers!

jade ed girl said...

This is why I don't eat sandwiches in front of Joel any more.

jade ed girl said...

But seriously- you know I love it when ya talk purdy. Post more po-etry pul-eeze.