Friday, May 27, 2005

yard sale

yes, i know it's last minute. so what.
tomorrow at marcel's we will be hosting a yard sale that includes a lot of movies, some music and a very select slice of my book collection. the dvds will be very affordable. my books will be very underpriced (i know what they're worth, but would rather sell them cheap to real readers). i have spent a long time creating this collection only to finally look at it with an unjaundiced eye and realize that i will most likely never read some of them again. they are visual art now. and they need to go to someone who can appreciate them as if they were new.
the address is 416 e. brown between palm and van ness.
if you're into pogo the possum, let me know. if you'd like a copy of time magazine from 1976 when doonesbury was the cover feature (zonker smokin' a joint), let me know. these i am not letting go of just yet (but they will be on hand).
but the watchmen comic books in one book, harry crews, robert jordan's wheel of time series, charles bukowski, c. boyle, kinky friedman, matt groening (life in hell, jeff and akbar), bloom county and more will all be for sale. tank girl is not for sale. nor are the adult themed batman books. you can beg, but i will not be moved. i might have them on hand the better to taunt you with, though.
until then, this is Scary Squirrel Man signing off. Nuts to you.
(plus some music...mostly tapes, a few cds.)

if you're out on a limb, listen for whizzing sounds. that's the critics.


Lelly said...

I used to want to be tank girl. Now my belly won't let me.

scarysquirrelman said...

oh heck, tank girl had a belly for one of the books...when she was pregnant with her kangaroo boyfriend's baby. wonder what it felt like when that thing kicked....