Thursday, May 05, 2005

Stupid Stupid Stupid

just when I thought the government couldn't get any stupider. okay, i know that it can always get stupider. i know that stupid ISN'T as stupid does. stupid is a disease that grows exponentially. if it wasn't for stupid, we'd have no government.
but today i received a letter from the Child Protective Services. to wit:
we have sent a letter to your employer to make sure that your insurance covers your child. if it doesn't we will make it so.
now, i have spent much time in the past arguing with this state agency about back child support that wasn't supposed to exist. i have sent polite and nasty letters telling them to look through their files and correct multiple mistakes concerning my son's case. i have called them and complained about the lack of effort made on their part to provide me with information. when, finally, they informed me of the little box that my son's mother didn't check as she closed out her account, i thought we had a done deal. i knew how much to pay in order to get out from under the financial cloud the agency had fraudulently placed over me. and they promised to never bother me again unless my son's mother reopened the account (which she hasn't).
But today i get this letter. during all of the years of my son's life (almost 18) i was never once approached by the state to ask if i was covering him with my insurance. but when i had insurance i always covered him anyway. now, one month before his 18th birthday, this STUPID agency has decided to enforce something they never had before. and they do so when i am in my intial probationary period with my new company. and they are sending a letter to my new employer, which i find entirely invasive. do these people look at their records? do these people think for themselves? or do they blindly follow instructions and waste tax money, because it's easier to obey than to research their CLOSED cases?
i tried calling the number given in the letter and the phone rang and rang and rang. no answer, no voicemail, no operator to tell me the office is closed for the day. nothing.
this ain't over by a long shot. these people are going to get a lashing. this case closed in 1999. let's get ready to ruuuuuuuumble.


airplanejayne said...

--gee, call me STUPID (no, wait, please don't..), but how come they're hassling you when there's parents beating their children in the loo at the pet store/pet hospital (see Jade Ed entry today)?

vertebrate said...

Over here we have the Child Support Agency, who were chasing me for money when my son was LIVING WITH ME! Damn complacent bean counters. Sorry for shouting.

scarysquirrelman said...

they hassle me because a computer spits out anyone's name that might make them money. they don't check anything. government jobs come with one job definition: do what you're told. if you stray out of line while thinking individual thoughts you will not be rewarded, you will be transitioned. why do think it's so hard for whistleblowers? our government does not sit easy with anyone who points out its flaws.