Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Making Candles...Oh Yes, I Am A Sensitive Guy

Yeah, I've made 'em.
Anybody got a problem with that?
I met a chick. In Seattle. She made 'em. i wanted to be with her.
So, I learned to make 'em.
And make 'em I did. I got pretty damn good at 'em. I even got a job at the place that made and sold all of the equipment.
(The first time I worked in the retail shop. I worked the cash register, answered questions, sold customers on much more than they needed, restocked and got to test any new substance that came in. I spent most of my time answering questions and making test candles in the back. I was fired after a year.
2 years later, I worked in their metal mold shop and sautered (can't remember the sp.) the molds together. I had a benchmate who was congenially insane. But very ept. We became friends and proceeded to make a mockery of any tissue that moved.)
After a while we fell in love. We couldn't be apart for a day. We needed the touch.
It became a physical ache whenever situations separated us. It may be the most intense relationship I've ever had.
Sometimes I wonder what became of whatshername. But I always thank her for the wax.
Especially now as I undertake to make them again.

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lecram sinun said...

Mmmmm... hot wax....