Thursday, April 14, 2005

tales of fresno (the first in a series as a blogflogger)

i just had a wee bite off of harmony.
i was standing on my back step, lighting a cigarette, when i saw a car coming down the street with its lights off.
i took my lighter and waved its flame at the car (not even thinking the driver might see it).
as the car neared i could see the driver leaning over and squinting at me.
i felt i looked pretty stupid, so it made sense that the driver would wonder what the hell i was doing.
he swerved a bit, but drove on past.
i went from the step and around the corner of the back gate in about three seconds, because i thought the car was slowing down and i would need to explain to the driver why i was waving the lighter.
but when i caught sight of the car again as it was moving toward van ness i saw its lights were now on.
the driver got my message.
and i felt sure he was thinking wow i can't believe i figured that one out.
i laughed my ass off at the implausibility of both.


thereminman said...

sh*t, all i know is , that I shoulda waited as long as i did to get into DVD's to get into this blog thing...first it said i couldnt use my groovy name (and who else would have the t*sticles to use it? eh? or even the art*ries? or even the V*ntricles? eh?---shesh, I'd just about given up--even EMAILED you (so 2004)----MAN, you should see my 'SURROUND SOUND' system at's my DVD thing run INTO my VCR thing and all out through the little speaker in the TV---now THAT"S the way thomas edison wanted it done----(I can't member who got credit for TV...but it was freakin' TESLA! yes THAT guy had some wierd t*sticles what with his experiments and such..that guy had some freakin' WEIRD f*murs and G*llbl*ders and stuff----HE was NEARLY the eventer of TV...had a sort of TV thing going on..but he REALLY was the inventer of Macarooooni....not fl*ppin' Marbelloni--no, he didn't have the int*stines that Tesla had baby....I think i've lost the thread of the conversation here...sorry.

scarysquirrelman said...

just because i promised to never blog sober is no cause for you or anyone to feel a responsibility to read and comment unsober. i appreciate it, but i don't recommend it in light oh the upper comment. theraminman, you need help. help that i can't give. help that may only be given when you accept george bush as your personal saviour. can i get an amen?