Saturday, April 16, 2005

so, NASA sends up a satelite that can track and dock with any other satelite. it gets within 300 feet of a pentagon orbiter and goes off course. the "shooters" say the intention was to try out something that could bring supplies to an orbiting satelite. when i read it my first thought was "and what if you attached an expolive device to its tip? could you then knock out any journalistic satelite (such as al jazeera if they managed to get one) or another nation's if said nation posed some sort of "threat"? most satelites have no immediate recourse in the event of an attack. this is something that is just not considered...and if it is it is written off as too expensive or as science fiction that is still not within the realm of credibility. so far, only terra-based missiles have been seen as something to destroy a satelite. but now, a satelite has gotten within 300 feet of another satelite on purpose before fucking up. one ounce of plastique or a mini-nuclear warhead (aka bunkerbuster)protected by a small cone that can perform in space will start a sublunar darwinism.
but what the hey? we're going to mars, right? isn't that what the president said? "back to the moon and beyond", dammit. there's water on that thar mars and i got cattle ta feed.

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