Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber Lands In His Own Pile

Oh, snap!
Joe the Plumber of the third presidential debate fame owes $1,200 in unpaid taxes for the year 2007.
Further, he would not be subject to the tax hike Obama Barack has promoted for the rich and bloated if he buys the very comapny he has complained about not being able to if Obama is elected. Why? Because he would not be taxed on the price of the company, but the profit generated. Oops.
And it turns out:
"When asked whether the McCain campaign had told him he would be a prominent part of the debate and whether McCain's people had approached him before he met Obama, Wurzelbacher was unclear.
"Oh no. No one's contacted me as far as being on the debate or as far as my name being used," Wurzelbacher said. "I have been contacted by them and asked to show up at a rally, but other than that, I just happened to be there and Barack Obama showed up
Joe the Plumber evidently deals out all kinds of shit, especially bullshit.

Update: Bwaahaahaa!!! According to a blog on the Washington Post:
"Let me note that, on deadline late last night, our crack researchers were unable to find any record of a person by that name with a plumbing license in the state of Ohio. (Update: The Toledo Blade confirms.)".
(I must admit that I didn't bother to find out if this guy's crack researchers were a pair of Peruvian racing squirrels or not, but since the Toledo Blade verifies it it must be golddamned true).
Oh, and he owes something like $1,500 to a local hospital. I understand owing more than I can pay at one time (or 10 times), but how is this guy thinking he can buy a business when he owes state taxes and hospital bills? Doesn't happen when the country is in a financial catastrophe and the banks and credit card companies are withdrawing all friendlies from the consumer landscape.
By the by, do you owe on credit cards? Are you close or even semi-close or even remotely within the neighborhood of where you would think that maybe you should think about not using your credit card anymore (like you have a $10,000 limit and you have charged $3000 on it)? Expect that company to, within the next 6 months, begin to lower your limits without explanation. If you are much closer to your limits, expect that company to lower your limits to below what you already owe and then charge you overlimit fees. Expect that company to jump your interest rates as well (like from 10-15% to 30% or more). It's legal and no one is talking about it yet. Because that's the next tsunami to hit our economy as creditors look to shore up the levees against more losses.

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