Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slow Food Nation 2008

Now, this looks like fun. Slow Food Nation 2008 in San Francisco over Labor Day weekend. Gavin Newsom (mayor hottie extraordinaire) even allowed the group to dig up a quarter acre in front of City Hall in order to grow crops as a learning tool for those seeking to be self-sustaining gardeners. Some people look on this group as elitist and non-diversified (mostly Left-leaning Whites), but who really cares? It will be a gastronome's delight and perhaps an environmental education as well.
Click here for the banner page of the festival. Click here to visit Slow Food USA's main web page.
Oh, but it ain't free. There are tasteshops, workshops, pavilions, trips, whatnot. And it can be a bit pricey. So, maybe they are a little bit snobby in terms of affordability. But I would love to attend the heirloom tomato tasting (they're served in wine glasses) just for the sheer weirdness of it. Hopefully, there's some free stuff to attend open to the public. Hopefully.
I, however, will be camping and being self-sustaining in a whole other way, ifyouknowwhatImean.


The Composter said...

It was interesting for me to see your backhanded comment about Newsom. He is a target by both ends of the political spectrum because he has these ideas that are progressive and then enacts them, as if he was in charge. Have you never heard yourself or someone else say "when I'm in charge...". Well he is in charge, yes, only of SF, but still! Yes, some of it is just soooooo left, but WTF, aren't you tired of the limp wristed attempts by other people in charge.

fishstick said...

Was I truly disparaging the Newster? If so, I humbly aplogize. However, I think someone is putting the Communist carrot before the Capitalist cart. I call him "hottie" and that is not correct? I mention that some of the festival is a bit pricey and that is uncomplimentary? Again, if I am in the wrong I apologize.
Perhaps, the Composter reads a bit more into my little article than exists. I am in favor of anything that educates the ignorant masses and points them toward a more sustainable lifestyle with less and less negative impact on the Earth and its temporary inhabitants. I just wish the pricetags involved in these "educations" weren't specifically targeted to the already wealthy.
So, if you want to throw "compost" at me, do so because I disagree with the bullshit grassroots propaganda being put out by these outfits. You know, where they claim the festival is for the common person trying to pay his or her bills/rent every month and wondering who they might have to short to be able to eat and live in San Francisco.
As for Gavin, he's really hot and cool. Even if he did cheat on his wife and turn it into a political plus by hooking up with another total hottie in a town that is very forgiving for the trangressions of publicly elected officials so long as they push the city's interest forward at all costs(which is not necessarily a bad thing; Washington, D.C. has a wonderful tradition as well). They make for a great New Deal Kennedy poster, don't you think?
And just because I said "Left-leaning Whites" doesn't mean it's a slam. Read the websites and see for yourself.
By the way, when are you going to blog some more? And when are we having lunch? I know this great little shop that only charges $8.95 for a bed of dandelions picked from a local hippie's backyard and the milkweed drizzle on it is to die for.