Friday, May 16, 2008

Worst Album Ever?

In no particular order (and many vomitous thanks to Generik for the link) are my votes for Worst Album Ever based on the list provided.
Supernova? Or Chevy Nova?

Convoy Pit Crew?

I think "He Touched Me" might not be about the Lord.

Featuring the smash hit: "Going Postal Blues".

...which made for very small sales.

Love Songs For Serial Killers


Katie :) said...

They all scare me equally

airplanejayne said...


Man! You've got the worst vinyl collection ever!

Generik said...

Can't believe you left out the John Bult Julie's 16th Birthday album. Because you just know, looking at that picture, that poor Julie never saw her 17th.

Oh, and the Handless Organist was pretty creepy, too.