Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vote, Goddamit!!!!!!

supposedly neutral groups are now saying that the Iraq War is costing us $720,000,000 a day. that's $21.6 billion per month, up from the $12 billion i posted about last year.
i forget what it cost per hour, minute and second back then, but i will do what i can do update it at this time.
so. okay. that's $30 million per hour (vs. $13,333,333).
$500,000 per minute (vs, $555,556).
$8333.33 per second (vs. $9259.26).
i make $.29 a minute.
$.oo49 per second.
neither of my numbers has gone up. in fact, with inflation and rising gas prices, both have gone down in terms of buying power.
so, here's to you, george bush, and your powerful cabal. i raise my bottle to those who reap the rewards of an illegal war. i tip the hat to those running away with multi-million dollar bonuses as their companies crash and burn. i remove my hat for the fat cats and their ability to seduce an entire country into supporting policies and laws that take and take and take from the pockets of the average work-a-day person. i sit in awe and shock at the shameless fornication going on between the two major political parties as bush runs our economy into the ground via his wonderful war in iraq.
cheers to you, george and dick and nancy and harry and hillary and tom and john and colin and condoleeza for the lies which led us to a war we can't win and never could through violence and privatization and immunity to those who commit crimes on a foreign person.
i can't thank you enough for the WMD lies, the ties to al quaeda lies, the outing of a covert CIA operative, the eavesdropping on americans in contravention of standing U.S. laws, the hyping of illegal immigration as a threat to our way of life in order to make us look away from the other problems; for waiting until we are on the brink of a global recession created by you and your obsession with not admitting that you might be wrong about a host of issues that have pushed this country into an economic hole to allow the federal reserve chairman to announce an historic rate cut that would have worked a month ago, for the subprime mess created by banks unregulated and unleashed, for FEMA and its inability to address even the smallest of emergencies, for the Homeland Security Department and its inability to address even the largest of nuclear/biological attacks without offering up duct tape and saran wrap as a means to sterility, for smudging out the line of separation between church and state and inviting evangelicals to sit down and help write domestic policy as it pertains to gynocological health, premarital sex, planned pregnancy, evolution vs. creationism, forced prayer in schools and pushing the ten commandments back into the halls of justice.
thank you one, thank you all. it takes a lynch mob to set a country back 100 years.
and it takes one vote to help set it right again. whoever you vote for, make sure they want to move this country forward again. make sure they want to balance the budget. make sure they only want to kill those who truly deserve it. and make sure you can live with your chioce for the next eight years.


Gareth Keenan said...

We are putting too much faith into the general public who voted for bushy jr TWICE.

lets hope the general population decides is good time to remove their heads from deep inside their rectal cavities this time.

fishstick said...

i'm sorry, i can't hear you. it's dark and warm where i am.