Thursday, September 27, 2007

here's your shadow government.

Cheney to address secret group

The conservative Council for National Policy will meet in downtown Salt Lake

if that doesn't say it all, i don't know what does. no press, no public, no leaks as to where or when they'll meet or what they'll talk about or who will be there. the second coup in preparation? it takes two to finish one, you know.


Generik said...

I don't know why the press and the candidates even bother with primary season and the pretense that there will be an election in '08. Does anyone really think these guys are going to give up power just because of an election?

mintzworks said...

Isn't there some secret group that meets in the woods somewhere or some such that has always included the political/powerful elite?

Not just Repubs, either, as I recall. Bill Clinton was a member.

Not Skull and Bones, but an actual super-secret think-tank type of group.

C'mon SSM, help me out here...

Generik said...

mintzworks, you're thinking of the Bohemian Grove up in the SF area. All the powerful movers and shakers go to the retreat (I believe) near the Russian River, where they drink and schmooze and dress up like women and put on skits and such. It's (supposedly) a grand old time for them, and you're right, it isn't just Republicans.

Mustang said..., it's not the Bohemian Rhapsody, Mintzy is talking about the Renisaunce Faire event..thing..happening..thingy..where they all dress up and joist with their joisting thingy's..and drink..and joist at you Sir!