Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ethics and U.S.

p(resident) bush actually admits that someone within his inner staff leaked valerie plame's name to the press. and no one is fired. remember when he said at the outset of this investigation that if anyone working for him did this they would be fired? huh? huh? anyone? bueller? and then he defends his commutation of scooter libby's prison sentence.
a workmate of mine asked me today if i had any "ethical conundrums" for his philosophy class. i gave him our outcry now concerning the genocide in rwanda. i told him that we, as a country, had turned a blind eye to it for a long time while hundreds of thousands died and many more became refugees. i contrasted that with the hundreds of thousands now accepted to have died at coalition force hands and the over 2 million refugees fleeing from iraq. but now it is okay for our administration to look to rwanda and condemn it even as we commit as many or more atrocities in iraq. and the question was: where do we, as american citizens, stand on condemning the one, but ignoring the other?
but now i have a another good one: where do we, as american citizens, stand on a president promising he will fire the person responsible for a security breach only to commute the sentence of one of the very people involved in that breach and not being willing to delve deeper into who the ultimate responsible person is? when do we demand that ethical lines be drawn and those we voted into power stand by them?
in my next post i will answer the question by a commenter who asked in resignation what any one of us can do to change government? i won't be able to answer on a national level, but i will on a local one.

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