Wednesday, July 25, 2007

bushism of the week

this from a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth:

After the Senate Finance Committee approved an expansion of the federal Children's Health Insurance Program to cover nearly 10 million kids, President Bush offered a strange rationale for threatening to veto it.
"People have access to health care in America," he told an audience in Cleveland. "After all, you just go to an emergency room."

have any of you ever been to an emergency room? i can guarantee you that president bush never has.


mintzworks said...

"The increase would be primarily funded by a steep hike in federal taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products"

Bush represents the South. Where they grow tabacky.

Whattya expect him to say?

He can't seriously veto it, tho...can he??

And at this point in his 'career,' he can say any damn stupid thing he wants. Somewhere deep inside he's got to be thinking "Oh, one's gonna call me on this send your kid to the er thing. They ain't impeached me yet! Hell, 33% of the idiot, er, population still thinks I'm doing a good job! I can't lose!!"

It's a friggin' crying shame that he can up his war budget no probs without taxing anything, but the extra 35 bil they need for kids?

Yeah, no.

Anonymous said...

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Katie :) said...

And thus the reason you get shit care when in an emergency room. Unless it is falling off (and not always), bleeding horribly (again not always) or has something to do with your heart, you sit. Because ignorant people, i.e. bush, think that having a primary doctor isn't the way to go, or wait a sec- they can't afford it because of the cost of healthcare.
But what people need to realize is that a 70 dollar office visit to a normal run of the mill doctor is much easier on the pocket book than a 3000 dollar emergency room visit.
Bush can kiss my ass on the healthcare issue. It irritates the crap outta me.