Sunday, June 10, 2007

Club Fred

had to get cigs today. normally i buy a carton at drugfair or costco and be done with it for ten days, but today being sunday and me being at home and lazy (despite the kitchen floor on my hands and knees scrubbing) i decided to walk three blocks and buy just two packs. it was nice to walk and see the neighborhood a bit. the "for rent" signs". the "street closed for repairs" signs. the families who speak no english, at least to me. which is okay. i refuse to speak their language to them. whatever it may be. so, we're even.
at the store i found myself behind a woman generously endowed in the hip (and lower) and breast (and lower) regions wearing terrycloth short shorts and whatever it might be called that cover the bittie titties (not that she had those). the store owner was very happy to see me while she spent 5 minutes digging in her purse to find a penny so he wouldn't have to give her 99 cents change.
he, also, had a very nice incense rack.
on the way home i decided to stop in at club fred. club fred was once the olympic tavern, the greatest dive to ever exist in the tower district. when fred took it over in the late 1980's (?) he managed to maintain the essence of that dirtiness.
when fred sold it in the early 2000's the new owner didn't. the new owner wanted it to become a hip-hop bar. his boyfriend wanted it to be trip-hop...i think hip to trip is some kind of stephen hawkings equation for "how gay can you possibly get"?
but that owner is goen and fred is back. as are some of the employees from before. and today felt so much more relaxed. i got a rant or two from a body piercer. i got the "whazup" from the new manager. i got to say hi to the only cop in town who would be seen alive inside one of the tower bars on his off hours.. it felt good.
and bruce was there again. bruce is the only individual drinking institution the tower should ever know. when he likes a place, then you know it's good. when the bad owner took over club fred, bruvce left. when the bad owner was gone, bruce returned. nuff said.
club fred feels good again.


Katie :) said...

thanks for the phone call ass....

mintzworks said...

And the shame is when new owners come into the Tower and don't understand the importance/relevance of regulars.

You said it very well--If Bruce is at your bar, that says something HUGE about the comfort level you've established.

You and I have both had our issues with Starline Grill, but dangit, it's where the old 'cool' crowd from Livingstones moved to...and I followed as well.

Now Stones is fratboy central, mixed in with the newbie 21-year old (or fake ID) kids. Ick.

Coconut Club guy didn't understand this. Unfortunately, neither does Jay from "M." (he's a great guy, I hate to see him fail).

And tell that Katie chick who's always calling you names to shut the hell up and leave you alone! (seriously...I've been looking for an 'in' forever now).

scarysquirrelman said...

sorry, kate. left my cell phone at home. how inconsiderate of me...
steph, yup to all of that. one thing that gets me is the new owner who thinks he can draw in the affluent north 'No crowd. the Tower is still very much looked upon by those not in the know (and thankfully, i might add) as a haven for junkies, queers, homeless, gangbangers and long as that stays the stereotype...we shall remain the Tower.

Katie :) said...

I'm glad you had a good time

lecram sinun said...

used to be one of my favorite neighborhood dives... hope it will again. North-enders... really?

airplanejayne said...

what - evah to all the whos-who in the Tower.

I just gotta know - what part of the male body is the incense rack? Is it something I would look at? Is this guy hot? Would he date me? Can I hit him over the head and drag him down the hall?