Thursday, April 05, 2007

Battle For Middle Earth V. Iraq

i've been playing this computer game of late that my brother got me into. it's called "battle for middle earth II". in it i create resources for money and buildings that recruit fighters. then i command them in battle.
honestly, i started with the evil campaign and directed goblins and trolls and mountain giants and nazgul to do woe upon the elves, dwarves and hobbits. i'm neither proud nor ashamed.
but one of the things i noticed while learning how to play the game is that when i create a few hordes and then attack the enemy i tend to get my ass kicked. also, when i create a lot of hordes and choose the wrong place to assail i tend to get my ass kicked.
with that in mind, i encourage you to seek this link and see for yourself what can happen in real life when a commander doesn't look to the future and prepare what should have been seen as a long, protracted battle in need of constant refreshing of cannon fodder resources anf monetary delinquincies.

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