Thursday, November 09, 2006

wow. voter turnout nationally was 40%. and they're saying this is the highest since 1982. sheesh.
it's been reported that "high voter turnout" increases the odds of democrats winning vs. republicans. so, what's "low voter turnout"? 5%?
6 out of ten adult americans chose not to vote. or does this only count registered voters? in that case it gets worse.

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Mintzworks said...

Ray Applehead today said "Due to the low voter turnout, especially the low turnout of Republicans, this election really WASN'T a mandate by the just meant the Republicans didn't want to play!"

Isn't the choice of Repubs NOT to vote a resounding mandate as well, Rush? er, I mean, Ray?

I still sought you out election night, bastard...and all I have for you is an old #. Celebrating without the ScaryDemoMan just wasn't the same...