Monday, September 11, 2006

Saturday Night the 9th

on this particular night about two of them ago i went to a gig at the starline put on by Ticket To Ride. got there early as usual and set up camp on the wallbench. it was 8:45 and no one was there yet. about 25 people, but no one i knew. i took a walk and wound up in front of the stage. this is what i shot:

very soon after, the friends i was expecting arrived. not all at once. and not at all together. drinking ensued as did tactless jokes:
somewhere (in all of the joviality) the band showed up:
then the drunk brit exposed himself, wet all over the bar and performed the most herculean projectile diarama i have ever seen:
he was subsequently invited up on stage to reprise his cameo with the band:
after that, well...we had us a beatle rave. or a bugrant. whichever y'all wanna call it:
except for stan who never raves or rants. he is an island in the sea of chaos:
however, chaos soon reintervened:
women were talking to men, men were listening, drunks kept being drinked, a camera's flash wasn't on, and liaisons erupted like pimples on a cold sore (have no idea who is in this picture, but, shit, it looks sexy, don't it?):
finally, it got bad. everyone was feeling blurry. but still dancing and carrying on as if it was the end of the world...(which it could be, i suppose...if i hadn't just sent $100 to pat robertson to save the souls of the jews and get him to tell God that i really am wealthy and ready to ascend after the Fresno Fair):
and that's what i remember. i do not remember leaving early, because my blood sugar had dropped precipitously. i do not remember waiting at the checkin at lipari's for 5 minutes and then leaving. nor do i remember going to livingstone's and sitting, ordering and waiting for a chicken salad. i don't remember getting up and asking for the chicken salad to be boxed. i didn't know i wouldn't go back to the club to tell people i had to get home and eat NOW! i do remember someone getting home later and asking me what happened and being okay with it.

i got even by kicking her out of bed in my sleep.

update (9:55 pm): yahtzee is a fun game and was just played to christen my oak table.

i'm pretty sure katie cheated. i don't think you're allowed to roll four 2's and a 4 and call it six of a kind the hard way.


Katie :) said...

cheat my ass!!!!
But the pictures rock babe! :)

marypoppins/privateeye said...

I don't know the name of the mystery man in picture; however, next to you, Marcel, and Jag he comes in 2nd place in the dance competition. (You, Jag, and Marcel tie for first) The guy in question asked me to dance, (and I usually dance with anyone unless the song is Hey Jude which is reserved only for RockinVegie) but I told him no, since, like Marcel, I was experiencing some kind of dance drain which I am sure has nothing to do with age as Marcel and I are still maintaining our youthfulness. (Personally, I don't even have any wrinkles unless I am wearing my glasses.) It must have been the Scotch. Anyways, I explained to the blurry man in question that I needed a wee rest and to ask me again later. He gave me an interesting look and then grabbed a chair and proceded to dance away with it. It was really quite graceful, and his choreography deserves an award from Arthur Murray.
I sent you an email, but I am unsure if that is your correct email address... It is a hotmail address. Let me know if your email is different now.

thereminman said...

I liked the yahtzee story best!
Good times, glad they didn't find you in a gutter with your fork just inches from your salad of salvation. Salad for low blood sugar? Take a hint from a pro. Make the cookie recipe on the back of the Reeses Peanut Butter Chips. Dark chewy cocoa-ey cookies. Under-cook them. Put the half-gooed cookies in a plastic back straight from the oven and freeze them.
Anytime you need a sugar rush, bust off a hunk and feel the burn.
(you'll make a face just like one of the ones captured on your post)

Mustang said...

Was it "strip Yahtzee"? If so, did you get any pictures of Fidel?

airplanejayne said...

old man. can't hang with the party babes....

KaMotion said...

Can't you think of better ways to christen a new table? Love the photos.