Sunday, May 14, 2006


so, i've had a change of heart. i do not like jack fm anymore. due to the fact that i just found out it is in fresno as well as bremerton. obviously, it is a hostile sirius type attempt at a radiowave takeover. even though i think a station without djs is like a vacation in nirvana.
and i stand by my assertion that the nightclub managers do not deserve life sentences for the Great White fire. negligent homicide at worst and whatever that brings, but life? no way. when the ceos who have gutted our nation's coffers walk with slaps on their wrists and minimum time at club fed after having destroyed countless lives and futures, then no. when politicians can send innocent people to their deaths in another country for no better reason than "i have a vision from God", then small-time, petty, greedy little managers should not get the equivalent of the death penalty no matter how many headbangers burn to death.
beautiful day in the neighborhood today. mid 70's. cloudless. tomorrow, though, we break records. mid 80's. and let me tell you, those temps in the northwest are almost never fun. except in july. here it's still too wet and the humidity will soar. except in bremerton where we get all of the breeze. so, i'll continue to clean. packing is almost all done. the lawns are all mown. the cat is going apeshit. laundry day tomorrow. coffeeshop day as well. one last trip to the thrift store for another tax deduction.
let's move on, shall we? this is what happens when a president's ratings plunge below 30% qualifying him as the least popular president in our nation's history. congarats all. we helped to set a record. and unleash even further a nasty, petty, greedy little demon. not that thousands of soldiers along the mexican border won't help to stop the terrorism rampant on our soil. and laura bush saying that the papers didn't put her husband's very high poll ratings on the front pages of their publications when that was a fact is just total bullshit.
still not investing in doubloons? might be about time.
oh jeez. if jack abramoff's and mike scanlon's story is ever filmed...i nominate greg kinnear and charles grodin to play the two. go here, check the pics and tell me i'm wrong.


aughra said...

I listen to nothing but podcasts now, since my local public radio went all talk.

Wow, life? I didn't know about that. Wow.

Zonthar said...

Forget the movie- it's a TV buddy/P.I. series!! "Jackoff and the Lifeguard"- it's gold, I tell ya!!

Much as I like to bask in Bush's low poll numbers, they are- at least the overall numbers- unfortunately still a few points higher than Nixon, Carter and Truman at their lowest (and we don't have such numbers from anyone pre-20th century), but he finally matched his dad. *sniff* what a beautiful moment.... And there are people seriously touting the idea of yet another Bush in the White House, even Laura- holy shit, what a nightmare this world has become.

KaMotion said...

Izabella says, "President Bush, Yuck" She loved the Nation cover illustration of Bush in the toilet. Eric and I have so much fun shaping her young, fresh mind. We are taking all opportunities for brainwashing before she turns on us.

jade ed girl said...

pookie...where are you? Call me!

jade ed girl said...

Helloooo?? Pookie?? We heard more from you when you were 18 hours away!!