Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bedwetters Make Moist Lovers

oh well now. here's some good reading. pdf files about internet usage and how to rake in the bucks, supervise us invisibly, and control what we can do with our computers. brought to you by the industry itself.

and hey, if that doesn't give you the warm fuzzies and make you want to go out and buy ice cream for the whole family, how about this? Got a problem child? Send him (or her) to Jamaica! In the land of ganja and great music, it's got to be THE way to help them sort themselves out. i and i give it two thumbs up, mon.

aren't you glad you don't live in Florida? if not, here's a reason. it's run by one of the worst crooks ever to be elected to a seat of power. and he's bringing in the Texans for some proper frontier...uh...well, they're probably breaking the law, too. hard to say with Texans.

but aren't you glad you live in America where the most powerful "private" attorney in the whole wide world would nevernevernever lie to Congress or the People? Alberto, you got some 'splaining to do! (cue canned laughter)

and, finally. on the heels of my announcing to you that Exxon had reported record profits for last year while continuing to argue in court that it should not be held financially responsible for its massive spill up in Alaska, SHELL!!! is reporting record earnings based in LARGE part on soaring gas prices. Of course, it will say (as did Exxon) that record profits are misleading. Records don't necessarily mean they made any profit at all! you know, there's the costs of paying off corrupt leaders, soaring gas prices for shipment, millionaire shareholders unhappy with staying millionaire's all i can think of.
better yet, just go to my Thursday Night Crush.


kien lim said...

Hey Mr. Scarysquirrelman. Hope you's a good! Oh yes please to the ride to Seattle. Sees you's soon!

kien lim said...

Oh! Cheers!

airplanejayne said...

what - now you're offering trips to Seattle? Are they chaparoned? Do you stop at exciting vistas? Do you need to make reservations?

scarysquirrelman said...

APJ: i can offer rides, but not to jar jar binks. kien, you's aweird.