Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why'd I Even Blog?

From Murray Waas in the National Journal comes this breaking story.
From Democracy Now comes Amy Goodman's interview with Murray Waas this morning.
And from 9/29/03 we get a White House press conference with Scott McClellan soon after this story hit the media.
...You know, I was going to spend my time today researching political stories and see what caught my fancy. I was in the mood and feeling ornery. Ready to spew forth my own little brand of venom on the Bush badministration for its hypocricy and discomboobulated conswervatism. Man, I was there. In the zone. Locked and loaded. A 5000 pound missile with words stenciled on it that read "Say Hi To Nixon For Me". or "Benedict Arnold Shoulda Had A Hung Jury". Or "My Bosses Went To Iraq And All I Got Was Bombed". But noooooooo.......! I find that I'm bored and all I want to do is watch TV. So, that's what I'm going to do. Ta.


thereminman said...

you could've covered that lame picture (2nd page of today's bee?) of Mr. Bush in his "Bob the Builder" costume--photo-opping working for Habitat for Humanity.
"I guess it's worked for that fag-sissy-liberal Jimmy Carter, let's see if I can show I'ma good guy like this (and then get back to my Christian duty of bombing Muslims)."
argghhhhhhh------I've got my re-elect president carter poster in my studio. sheesh. "who would Jesus bomb" indeeeed!

scarysquirrelman said...

yo, t-man. AND i forgot all about half nekkid thursday. man, i got to get a life. when's your next gig?

aughra said...

Oh my god! I just got your present - because it wasn't released until yesterday I didn't get it until today. Please email me.

Thank you thank you thank you.