Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Two Cents From Scary Soccer Dad

ohmigod. bush admin staffers didn't expect judge roberts' record as a judge to be looked and taken into account by those senatorians who might just not be sitting solidly in the same camp as bush. they evidently thought that merely by being nominated by our ever so uniting president roberts would breeze through the confirmation hearings and assume his rightful place next to clarence thomas and just behind antonin scalia. how were they to know that some lowlife unscrupulous truncoats might actually take the time to dig up old skeletons and parade them around shamelessly for the public to see. now we know just how low the democrats have stooped. that they would dig for facts, read minutes, check past rulings, ask about political contributions and speeches. the nerve! this is why the country is in the state it is: democrats playing partisan politics with the truth. it's enough to make me want to move to cuba.

and just when you thought wal-fart couldn't get any stinkier (think hiring for subminimum wages and then tattling on their own illegal workers, being the only foreign corporation not having to adhere to china's constitutional law about all foreign corporations having to allow their workers to unionize, shutting down entire stores after employees voted to unionize, continuing to purchase clothing from third world sweat shops and claiming that wal-fart is merely helping these poor unfortunates by buying their products, pushing through "supercenters" in small cities and large towns that don't need them and forcing smaller local stores out of business) it lays a log that clogs the toilet and actually breaks the glade freshener.

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