Tuesday, July 26, 2005

i've always thought that children, as they reach alleged adulthood, will do anything to move as far away from their parents as possible (with the exception of the majority who would rather stay at home and sponge for as long as possible or move out and then back in ten years later due to a downsizing in their industry or a divorce or a spiritual rebirth in which they find that they never really knew their parents and now want to reconnect in a spongy manner or they're misunderstood artists working on the next earth shattering movement and need the comfort of manageable unemployment or they're drug fiends with no fixed income).
so, i was a little underprepared (to say the least) when my son dropped by this evening to let me in on the news that he is moving into a house a little over a block away. while this, in and of itself, is very good news as he and i seem to never see each other, i can't help but begin to envision the awkward situations which come into play. fortunately (for him, not me), my love life is (as they say) the size of squirrel nuts. unfortunately (for me, not him), my hermitage may just have gone by the wayside...not that i would expect him to be dropping in very often. after all, he's 18 and a so-called "anarchist" (but one of the nice ones).
seriously, i think this could be a very neat thing.
but still...weird in a Tower sort of way.

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jade ed girl said...

Hey that's good news:)