Wednesday, April 27, 2005

( i just love writing to the fresno bee. and they just love writing back to me and telling me that i must write a letter that's under 200 words. so, this time i think i managed to keep it under the limit. my problem with 200 words is that the letter must be so simplistic as to ward off any substantiation i feel might be needed in order to make it a comprehensive message. heck, some people can't even say thank you in under 200 words. most can't get past spellcheck anyway, so why am i complaining, right? well, because i can. and my community needs to stop accepting everything our so-called officials call perks on the job. that's our money and they work for us, dammit.)
anyway, the following is my letter to the local paper:

I have to say that I am not in favor of Alan Autry or any elected official using taxpayer money to pad his/her waistline at a gourmet restaurant. Autry's comment about "working my ass off sitting there" falls on tired ears. i work my ass off NOT sitting down to make sure the infrastructure of anything being built will be safe for the public to walk or work or play or drive on, yet I don't have my meals paid for. Autry comes off sounding like everything he does is of such importance compared to my professional endeavors that I owe him that filet mignon and extra comfy hotel suite. Tell you what, Alan, if you'd be willing to sleep in a hotel bed that offers "Magic Fingers" I'd be willing to comp you the quarters so that your "ass" can get some quality relaxation. Remember that you, Bubba, are our public servant and we don't necessarily like having our teats pulled without our permission.

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airplanejayne said...

ahh...the public trough. How come the "public" doesn't get to dine there? After reading some of your blog, I know how hard it was to stay under that 200 word thing. Great letter, Joel!
...except for the last line: I seemto recall that you have a penchant for putting things in your shirt pockets to encourage consequential and even accidental touchage. But I guess Bubba (and the rest of Fresno) really don't need to know that, eh?