Thursday, June 23, 2005

How to stir up a hornet’s nest. A self-review of my recent blog article. Plus Radio Go Daddy’s next show.
This past Sunday I decided to write an article about the Gitmo controversy.As you may or may not know, this Sunday I got the bright idea to write an article concerning my slant on the controversy surrounding our military prison at Guantanamo Bay “Gitmo.” While I knew that the article would be controversial I had no idea that it would cause such a stir.I was prompted to write the article after reading about Senator Durbin’s (Democrat – Illinois) public statement comparing the prison at Gitmo to concentration camps run by Nazis, Soviets and Pol Pot. In my article I said that I thought that the interrogation techniques used at Gitmo were mild, that I did not consider them to be torture and that I supported their use. I made an incorrect assumption.One good thing about having an active blog is when you are incorrect you find out in a hurry. Many readers pointed out that the methods being used at Gitmo were not only inhumane but also were not very effective. So I checked the references that I was provided and sure enough I was wrong. It seems that interrogation methods that are based on humiliation and mild physical discomfort, aren’t nearly as effective as certain psychological techniques that take a completely different approach. Not only are the psychological techniques more effective, they are more humane.I immediately corrected the article.After learning that I was wrong, I immediately corrected the article and admitted the mistake in a special note to the reader. I also added that I agree with Senator John McCain’s request that each detainee be put on trial to determine if they belong at Gitmo or not. But the damage had already been done.But it appears that the correction was a bit too late. It seems that the original article was circulated in what some readers call the liberal blogsphere, and comments continued to stream in that addressed not the revised article, but the original article. I do not advocate the use of torture.One individual even posted a comment in a liberal forum that the CEO of Go Daddy supports the use of torture. Nothing of course could be further from the truth. At least it was never my intent to ever advocate the use of torture. Many blog readers actually liked the article.Not everyone was upset about the article. In fact, I heard from a good number of readers who were very supportive. Based on the survey that is taken at the end of the article, about 40% of those visiting the blog indicated that they liked the article. Those that disliked the article however were far more likely to comment. Many dissenting readers commented several times, and voted each time they commented. Adjusting for those who voted many times, my guess is that the split is at least 50-50.I received a healthy dose of education.While the article did get many people upset (people who I would rather not have gotten upset) I received a healthy dose of education. I got to see in an unvarnished and uncensored fashion how important this issue is to us as Americans. It is now obvious to me that this is no trivial issue and it is one that our Government (both executive and legislative branches) needs to consider carefully. I know now that those involved with deciding what happens at Gitmo have a difficult task on their hands. It’s going to be interesting to see how the political firestorm ends up. I sincerely appreciate everyone who took the time to read the article and those who also took the time to comment.To those of you who commented on the article, and even those who referred to me using various obscenties (there were more than a few of you), I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you read the article and took the time to tell me your thoughts. You've helped me understand just how powerful blogging can be.If you're not listening to Radio Go Daddy, you should be!On Wednesday, at 7 pm PST/10 pm EST Radio Go Daddy will be broadcasting its 12th Show. The show is available on Satellite (XM and Sirius) and via live audio stream. It’s best to listen on the internet audio stream by clicking the "listen" button at The "listen" icon appears on the page 9 minutes before the show starts. Full details on each show are always available at Here’s the lineup for this week’s show:• .XXX domain names. Does selling them make Go Daddy a supporter of pornography?. • Millions of MasterCard numbers hijacked! How it happened. What you can do.• Downloading television shows. Is it legal? What you need to know.This week's special guests.We've got two unrelated and very special guests. One is adult film star Ashton Moore. Ms. Moore is a contract star for Club Jenna and has her own adult site She’ll tell us what the adult industry thinks of .XXX domain names. We also have Bill Hely, author of “The Hacker’s Nightmare.” Bill will tell us how you can bullet proof yourself and your computer against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and the like.Everything you need to know about this week's show.So for more information concerning this week’s show, please visit We suggest you listen to the live internet feed. It’s easy. A monkey could do it, but then again, a monkey just might not understand everything we’re saying. So go to the web page and click on the Listen button. There are added bonuses for those who listen on the internet feed.• There's a live chat room where you can chat with other Radio Go Daddy listeners (as well as Radio Go Daddy staff) during the show. Just click the live chat button at• There are no commercials on the internet only stream.• There’s an uncensored “internet only” discussion where we talk about some of the strange domains registered at and why we think they’re weird.• We talk “uncensored” about other unusual and hilarious things.Plus there's a half hour of bonus extended coverage for the internet feed group.Nima and I will talk uncensored about the recent purchase of an iPod by the Queen of England, Britney Spears' name being used by hackers to spread viruses, why Cingular (the #1 cell phone provider) asked the FAA to continue to ban cell phone use on airplanes and some other weird and unusual stuff.Who to blame.This week's show is produced by David Lawrence and yours truly, Bob Parsons.In case you miss this week's or any week's show.You can listen to any show at any time you choose by visiting our archives at Just go to the site and click on the show you want to check out. There are full descriptions of each show at the archives.How to see our new commercials.To see all of our new, current and past commercials, as well as the Internet-only version of our Super Bowl commercial, just click on the following link:
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